Digifonics was founded in 2003 by Larry Gardner, with the objective of bringing his knowledge and years of experience to helping clients make the best use of digital media. He is the former owner of Videofonics, Inc., a major video, audio and film production company in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company still thrives under new ownership as Trailblazer Studios.

Gardner’s experience extends from broadcast engineering through feature film production. On the technical side, he has been Chief Engineer for two major broadcasting companies, designed numerous audio, video and broadcast facilities, holds a patent on one of the first digital editing systems, and is a former Consulting Author for Broadcast Engineering magazine. He also created one of the first applications for publishing rich media content on the internet and is a pioneer in moving video and audio using Internet Protocol. His book, Making Your Film in the Digital Age is available from Amazon.com, or Barnes and Noble.

Currently, he is developing EditStream, a system of real-time collaborative editing over high-speed internet connections.

Gardner's accomplishments in media creation include working as producer, director, writer, cinematographer, videographer and editor on numerous projects, including winners of Cleo, Addy, Telly, Silver Reel, and New York Art Directors awards. He also received the Silver Medal Award from the American Advertising Federation. His production experience runs the gamut: live network broadcasts, feature films, music videos, music recording, documentary and dramatic films, radio and television commercials, live and on-demand webcasts, infomercials, training and promotional videos, web site design and implementation, and much more.


Digifonics, Inc. is a consulting service specializing in the design and creation of digital media.  Our services include:

  1. Bullet Video and Audio Production

  2. Bullet Production Consultation

  3. Bullet Technology Consultation

  4. Bullet Video Post-Production

  5. Bullet Video and Rich Media for the Web

  6. Bullet Digital Filmmaking

Digifonics, Inc. Raleigh NC

For information, please call 919.741.5508 or email webinquiry@digifonics.com