Digifonics EditStream

White Paper


The prototype EditStream is a broadband interconnection technology to improve post-production workflow, particularly in low-budget or fast-turnaround production environments. When a post-production facility is able to install very fast and (preferably) symmetrical internet access, several important benefits can be made available quickly and at relatively low cost. Symmetrical, low-latency gigabit fiber service is becoming available in most US cities at reasonable cost and without data caps, from AT&T, Google, Verizon and others.

The first system that can be deployed gives real-time collaboration during video editing, graphics production or sound mixing. The client can watch what the editor is doing and hear the audio in real-time with near-zero delay. Using gigabit fiber and Skype connectivity, footage being edited is received in Netflix streaming quality in real time with no special equipment needed at the receiving end--just a free Skype account for any device. Because of the symmetrical and/or high upload capacity at the location of the edit or audio workstation, the destination’s full download bandwidth can be used to deliver quality video and audio. When it’s all working, the destination computer can show the client video monitor and can hear both the program audio and the editor’s voice communications as appropriate. The computer screen or a studio camera can be shown with a simple software switch. Note that the system works for any kind of video editing, compositing, color correction, graphics, sound mixing, or other software. Once the connectivity software package is installed and configured, a simple Skype call--or conference call with multiple particpants--can be begin. The overhead on the computer workstation is minimal and one gigabit connection can easily support multiple simultaneous users.

Variations on the same software can create live interactive software tutorials that can be recorded for later replay on any of the major streaming platforms.

Another feature of the EditStream system is the fast direct upload of client production footage or elements (or any other file type) to a local combination server.  No need to use DropBox, WeTransfer, or other outside file handling services, and no more sending drives by FedEx. EditStream gets the footage in one step, limited only by your upstream bandwidth. If you have fast internet in your office, EditStream can cut your file transfer time in half. In today’s real world, a do-able target speed of about 1 GigaByte per minute can get footage onto the actual computer where it can be edited. With good LTE access, some footage can be uploaded in little more than playing time. With the deployment of gigabit and 5G LTE in many cities, wireless service will soon be even faster.

Unlike other systems, camera files can be sent to the editing system as they are uploaded, further reducing transfer time. It’s also possible to begin automatically processing time-coded proxies as each file comes in, making them immediately available on the web for review, even before the whole batch of files has uploaded. If on-set workflow can create proxies of only the “circle takes” on a shoot, even more time can be saved.

With future high-speed connectivity, enhancements to the software will make it possible to stream the entire shoot in either master or proxy format to the editor or others who need access for review or creative input, making the original camera recordings the backup while the primary footage is delivered to post-production as the on-location shoot is going on. For in-studio shooting, this kind of connectivity can be implemented with currently available tools.

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